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Your day is only as good as the coffee that you start it off with, and as coffee connoisseurs, no one knows that better than us!

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Hi – we’re Chad Walker and Rob Kalb, owners of Coffee Specialteas. And, as you might expect, we’re avid coffee drinkers. Over the years, we’d search out the best coffees and brag to each other about our latest and greatest grinds. Then, one day, we were presented with the opportunity to build a business around our obsession for tasty coffee. Obviously, we pounced on the opportunity, and here we are!

Our competitors often pick coffee cherries before they’re ready and end up roasting the seeds too long, which causes a burnt, bitter flavor that’s too strong for many. Coffee Specialteas roasters visit farms around the world to make sure the coffee cherries we source are picked at the optimal time for unsurpassed quality and flavor.

We know that coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, not only do we offer an exquisite selection of single-origin and flavored coffees, we’ve sourced and offer a selection of fine teas to satisfy the palate of any tea enthusiast. And, because we know you love your Keurig as much as we love ours, all of our products are offered with iFill cups that you can use in any Keurig machine.

Take a gander around our website, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to share our passion with you.”


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